Dad, Husband, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Music Addict, Coffee Lover, Movie Freak, Determined Cyclist, Kayak Enthusiast, Proud Bookworm and Passionate Learner 🙂



Why I became an artist? Psychologists have found that the creative personality contains layers of depth, complexity, and contradictions, a little bit of madness. Well, it’s a way of life… a passion. As a Senior Art Director, I’m in charge of bringing to life “the ideas.” I do so with a European perspective paired with a big brand experience. I’ve worked most of my life in Athens, Greece (not Georgia), at agencies of all sizes — I’ve had the privilege of leading campaigns for a number of outstanding global brands, such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Citibank, LG, and Sanofi. A couple of years ago, I lost my mind a bit and decided to take a chance with being one of two partners running a small agency. It was a learning experience, but no regrets, and I’ll leave it at that. After all that jazz, I decided that it was time to come back to my motherland, so here I am… so excited rediscovering my roots, still trying to control that tricky espresso addiction (can’t seem to run away from that) and constantly trying to coordinate song lyrics to my everyday life…


I partner with my clients to understand their individual needs and
elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.