IBM Z is the enterprise platform for mission-critical applications that brings next-level data privacy, security, and resiliency to hybrid multi-cloud. We wanted to create a captivating, scalable experience that unleashes the transformative value of IBM Z’s newest platform offering.

Activation Concept

IBM Z is the essential piece for the impactful moments we may take for granted, and for the moments when we’re in the most need. We are telling stories at the human scale. IBM System Z is there for your life.

Experience Elements

Attendees are drawn to this gallery-style installation for its unique blending of analog objects and an oversized digital screen, which plays a looping intro video to invite engagement. Each object represents a different client story that is showcased on the screen to the right.

Launch Concept

We elevated IBM Z’s latest capabilities through a series of unexpected “wow” moments. This tailored, high-touch, and interactive experience inspires and educates audiences to maximize memorability. Clients left feeling appreciated for their loyalty and confidence in IBM’s commitment to the IBM Z platform.

We transformed the venue into a private art gallery that included compelling art installations showcasing the platform’s key offerings: Resiliency, Agility and Security.

Resiliency Sculpture

Live Muralist


Security Installation