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I was assigned to work on the Cloud & Infrastructure campus, my task was to:

  • Create visual impact through height variation, elegant lighting, materials & bold focal points.
  • Infuse duality by juxtaposing light and solid forms, contrasting and layering materials.
  • Express conceptual themes through physical, digital and architectural moments.
Cloud & Infrastructure Campus
14,649 attendees
615,000 sq ft

What’s in a Campus

IBM Business Partners: Join 100s of IBM’s leading strategic partners throughout the campuses

Think Tanks: Gather with your peers to learn the latest Business technologies

Activations and Demos: Dive into immersive physical and virtual experiences-get hands-on with the experts

Theaters: Business leaders illuminate how IBM is changing the way the world works

Activation – Journey to Cloud

We have created a full-scale digital experience that delivers content on touchscreen LED monitors, showcasing how IBM is helping enterprises discover a faster, more secure journey to cloud.